On these pages you can find out more about the ingredients in our food and why we have chosen them.

The main ingredients of our prepared foods are muscle meat, organs and bone.  We add a limited range of supplements to the food.  Choose from the menu above or from the list below


Fruit and Vegetables (quantities ranging from 6% to 8% depending on the menu):


Whole New York Apples (All dinners apart from Beef and Blueberry and Duck and Blueberry)

Wild whole blueberries (Beef and Blueberry and Duck and Blueberry)

Kale (All dinners apart from Chicken)

Carrots (All dinners)

Broccoli (Chicken dinners)

Whole Free Range Eggs (Chicken and Egg

Minerals and Supplements (small quantities to add essential vitamins and minerals and other health benefits):

Diatomaceous Earth (All Dinners)

Kelp (All Dinners)

Spirulina (All Dinners)