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22nd February 2021

New Year, New Blog!

There is a lot of information (and disinformation) for pet owners out there!

Rosemary has started a blog to discuss some of the key areas of particular interest to us as pet owners and raw food makers.  The first blog is out now!  See the Blog link in our main menu.  Feedback welcome!

Standing Orders for delivery and insulated bags

If you have a good idea of how often you need a delivery then we can "automate" the delivery process for you and take over responsibility for the delivery, freeing you from having to remember to order.  All you need to do is decide how much and how often and we do the rest.  If you are interested please email us here.


We are trying to gather in some of the insulated bags we use.  If you have one (or more) please leave them out for us next time we deliver.  Thank you!


                                                   Best wishes from Rosemary, Mark and Olivia


All our pets deserve raw

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You are what you eat - and so are your pets!

I have applied these words to myself and my family for most of my life so It was only natural that I would want to apply them to my animals also. I have always had an awareness of feeding dogs raw meat. I have memories from way back of my mother going to the butchers and bringing home scraps of raw meat and, most disgustingly to me at my tender age, sheeps heads. I can still picture our Alsatian tucking into them with great gusto.

Over the years as I read more widely on the subject, I became increasingly concerned that the dry food (kibble) diet I fed to my dogs was not at all in keeping with their needs as natural carnivores. Two "near
death" experiences with bloat only served to re-inforce this growing awareness. I gradually increased the amount of raw food in their diets (one dog at a time) until finally, 14 years ago, I decided to switch entirely to raw food.


Feeding our family of Rhodesian Ridgebacks and our Cats their raw diet is a joyous occasion for us. They love mealtimes and we know it is because they love the food we offer them.  More importantly, they are gleaming with health. Their teeth are white (they have never required cleaning by a vet) their coats are shiny and their breath is sweet. They shed very little and they are seldom ill.

Turn dinner into a treat - Raw Feeding for Dogs and Cats



We have been preparing raw food menus for our dogs and cats for a considerable period of time. Finally, after many requests, we  decided to start producing a range of specially designed raw food dinners for cats and dogs.  We have been very careful to produce a variety of menu's that, together, offer a balanced diet of meat, bone and organs with fruit and vegetables.

In our store you can order a select range of menus for your dogs and cats.  We recommend rotating through the menus to give your pets the variety they enjoy as well as the full benefits of raw food.


About our Food

We are offering a series of menus that offer variety (very important) and balanced nutrition for dogs, puppies and cats. We wanted to keep their food as natural and as authentic as possible to mimic the kind of diet they would have in the wild. This also meant varying the food to give them a balanced diet over time.

We also  supplement our menus with a limited range of additional ingredients (diatomaceous earth, the best kelp available (sourced from Iceland), and a small percentage of organic or wild fruit and vegetables mainly for medicinal holistic reasons. These include organic carrots, kale, broccoli, wild blueberries, apples and spirulina - for more information on what they contribute go here)

There are many articles on the benefits of a raw diet. We will post some of them on this site and we encourage you to read through them. There is no denying our dogs and cats are carnivores, their anatomy and physiology is designed to rip, tear and digest raw meat and bones and not to eat dry kibble on a daily basis for years and years.

It seems self evident that taking a wide range of ingredients and baking them at high temperature into kibble, which then has to be "topped up" with additional nutritional supplements to replace those that were destroyed in the processing, produces a diet that is far away from what dogs were designed to eat. Our dogs and cats love the difference. Yours will too!

Most of the photo's of our dogs were taken by Steven Moore. (http://www.stevenmoorephotography.com/).  Thanks Steve!


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