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Local, Pastured Meat

We like to know where the ingredients for our food come from.  Wherever possible we use local, pasture raised meat  to ensure that the very best meat goes into our food.  Already we are able to source Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb and Rabbit locally.  The farms that regularly provide meat for us include:


Greenane Farms

Slope Farms

Windy Corner Farm

Delaware County is old dairy farming country and as the market changed many farmers moved to pasture raised beef which is sold to restaurants throughout the North East.  We work with some of these farms to source pastured beef, hearts, livers and kidneys along with smaller quantities of trachea, lung and so on.  All these ingredients go to ensure that the dogs get as wide a veariety of meat and organs in their diet as possible. Beef raised on grass is much healthier than intensively reared beef. It has less fat overall and less "unhealthy" fat and cholesterol, higher concentrations of antioxidants (e.g. vitamin e) more omega 3 fatty acids and higher levels of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) among other health benefits.


 Our farm in beautiful Delaware County, New York


We place particular importance on where we source our chicken as chicken is a key ingredient and it is also most subject to abuse in its production.  All our chicken comes from Greenane Farms and is pastured with no antibiotics or other chemicals added.  We collect the chicken weekly the day after it is killed.  Our chicken dinners and all the dinners that use chicken use a combination of Chicken Breast meat, chicken backs (meaty carcasses), heart and gizzards along with organs (liver and kidney).  Our Catskill Turnpike Chicken and Egg and Pastured Chicken contain approx. 40% Breast meat