How much should I feed?

Our mission is to improve the health and longevity of your pets and the best way of achieving this is to feed a natural, bio appropriate diet. We have witnessed the benefits of feeding a raw diet to our own cats and dogs and for us (and them!), there is no turning back.


For most dogs making the transition from kibble to a raw diet is straightforward and can be achieved in a few days.  For some it may take a little longer.
The advice you will most often hear from the many people who have made the transition from kibble to raw, and what we would recommend is a gradual introduction of raw to your dogs meal.

Start with a quarter of the total meal and increase until you are feeding 100% raw.  This allows your pets digestive system to adjust gradually back to its natural state of acidity.
Here is a link to an excellent article describing the changes to the GI tract of kibble fed cats and dogs.  It is the reason why we recommend a slow transition to a raw diet.

There is an excellent article on transitioning cats here:

The calculator above will help you estimate roughly how much raw food you will need to replace kibble.  It is only intended as a guide.  It is important that you monitor their weight no matter what you feed them!  For puppies aim to feed 2-3% of adult body weight as soon as possible.

Use the drop down arrow to select how you want your bed to respond (lose weight, gain weight or stable)

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